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The Storm a posted Mar 3, 14

The Covenant Of Tython (Republic)

Guild Leader :
Council Officers :

Jaedyn ~ Social Media Relations
Regias ~ Lore & Roleplay Archivist
Treyah ~  Administrative & Graphic Website Design

Specialists :
Centai ~ PvE
Kyian ~ PvP


The Sovereign Elite (Empire)

Guild Leader :
Council Officers :

Jozefa ~ Officer
Ki'erin ~ Officer



We accept everyone, regardless of your account status-in both guilds.
(Free 2 Play, Preferred, or Subscriber)

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The Storm a posted Mar 2, 14

Greetings all...due to issues, I apoligize for my absence, but now I am back.
Happy Holidays!
I'm here. You're welcome.
I lub da cookies =D